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Blogging Step 2 – Install WordPress & Find a Theme • WordPress Money Online

Blogging Step 2 – Install WordPress & Find a Theme

Hi blogger, how is it going?

I hope you found found previous day’s post interesting and its info really simple. If so, and taking into account that you practiced on that information, you should now be the owner of an appealing new domain name and have it hosted with a good hosting provider.  Congratulations, that was the boring bit over!  Today we will be starting on the more exciting aspect of actually building your blog using WordPress!!!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is amazing software that allows you to create a beautiful blog without needing to be a techno-nerd.  It allows you to simply add content, be that articles, blog entries, pictures, videos or more, edit how your site looks, by changing themes, and you can add thousands of different plugins, such as a Twitter feed or Facebook icons.

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management Software) that makes it easy to fully manage your blog.  Being an Open Source program, WordPress is FREE to use and has a huge active community that help one another.

For more details look HERE!

How to Install WordPress for your Website

It is easy to install WordPress for your website.  Simply log in to your Host provider and go to your cPanel.

For more details look HERE! or

installing wordpress via upload to the server of your hosting provider, look HERE!

You will now be able to log into your WordPress website and see what your website looks like.

How should you make your website look good?

Having installed WordPress on your site, it should probably look a bit basic and boring.  Don’t worry. It’s the basic default theme that is pre-installed.  You can change EVERYTHING on it, be it the background, images, the layout of each page, you can add videos, social media icons, the list of possibilities is endless.

You should have a bit of a mess around with your new blog now.  Experiment with all the different features and change whatever you want.  Don’t worry about changing anything permanently, we will be changing the theme in the next step.  Just try to familiarize yourself with the different functions of WordPress.

WordPress Themes

Many websites are DO let down with their appearance.  Humans do unfortunately judge a book by its cover!  It doesn’t matter how good your website content is, if it is displayed in an unappealing way, you will lose traffic.

The good thing about WordPress is that there are thousands of high quality themes that you can use for your website.  They are easy to install and make your blog look great instantly.

I personally use Themeforest for my websites but there are also many too many themes for FREE inside the admin panel of wordpress that are brilliant.  Themeforest has a variety of very high quality themes that you can use for your site, offering both FREE and Paid themes.  It’s a rule-and logical too- that paid themes are much better as they offer better functionality, which only cost 70 for two themes.  Our website uses the AVADA theme, which I think you will agree was well worth it, and it’s a multipurpose one.

They are really easy to install and work on.  You simply download the one you want from Themeforest, go to your WordPress admin panel, go to Themes, click Upload, Upload Zip file and Activate!  That’s it, as easy as that and now you have a professional looking website that is more likely to attract people.


Your homework for today is to follow these steps so that you have got a great looking website that we can start adding quality content too in our next post.

1. Install WordPress on your website

2. Play around and familiarize yourself with WordPress

3. Install a professional looking theme for your website that you want to use

I’ll email you tomorrow with Step 3 of the FREE Training

All the best

 Starakis George