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Blogging Step 4 – Creating quality Content is what people want! • WordPress Money Online

Blogging Step 4 – Creating quality Content is what people want!

Hello my friends,

I hope you enjoyed yesterdays training and completed the homework. If so you should now own a brand spanking new website that you can start making money on.  Today we will be looking at the importance of creating quality content that will help generate traffic to your website.

What makes Website Content so Important?

Website content is vital for your business as it is this that brings people to your website.  You can’t begin to think about earning any money from your website if you are not prepared to put the effort into producing good quality content.

You have to attract people and make them choose to come to your website.  The best way to attract visitors is to offer them value that they want to read/see.  This can be in many different forms, such as news, images, opinions, videos, tutorials, etc.  As long as people perceive that what you are offering is of value to them, then they will visit your website.  The trick is to do it on a consistent basis that keeps them coming back for more! (More on that on Blogging 6 of the Training eCourse).

This of course can be on any subject matter.  For example, couples want to find photographers for their wedding day.  You, as a professional photographer, are perfect for the job and what to grow your business.  On your website, you would need to display your best quality photographs in a portfolio form to attract potential customers.  Putting poor quality photos up for people to see would only put people off hiring you, as that offers them no value.  Therefore they would go elsewhere.

People looking for tutorials and guides on gardening would only go to websites that offered useful help on that subject.  Simply stating that you need to water plants after planting them, may well be accurate, but people already know that, so it offers no value to them.  Therefore they would go elsewhere.

It sounds like a bit of a cliché, but you should produce content on what you’re passionate about.  The more you enjoy what you are doing, the more effort you will put in, often leading to better content.  You will need to put a lot of work into making a successful website, so you may as well do something that you enjoy.  There is no point spending your time building a site about horses, because you think you can make a bit of money from it, if you hate horses or are allergic to them.  Not only will you be less likely to build a great website, but people will be able to tell that your hearts isn’t in it.

The more effort that you put into making yourwebsite content better, the more people will visit your site and the more traffic you get, the more money you will make.  It’s as simple as that!

Ways to produce quality website content

Write what people want to read!  This may sound obvious, but there are many sites out there that don’t do this.  They concentrate on such a small niche, that nobody visits the website.  For example, you may want to produce a website about your local village park. You could produce the most amazing website that has ever existed, but only a handful of people from the village itself is likely to visit it.  Definitely not enough traffic to make any sort of money from it.  This however could be remedied by broadening the reach of the target audience.  The website could focus on all village parks throughout the country, or perhaps on villages themselves, discussing all the events that take place throughout the year. Remember that your website’s aim is to attract as many people as possible (without being too broad!) so produce content that would satisfy them.

Use a great headline!  You need people to read what you are writing, whether that be in a detailed tutorial or a daily blog. A great way of getting people’s attention is to use an attractive headline.  Now, I don’t mean in a visual, graphic design sense (though this can help), you need to use a headline that instantly tells the reader what the article is about.  You need to keep it reasonably short, whilst clearly stating what the article is about and making it sound appealing.  This canbe more difficult for certain subjects, but a good headline can be written for anything, you just need to be a bit creative!

Nobody wants to read an article with the headline ‘A study into the history of the most influential computer gaming software within the last 50 years’.  But by simply changing the title to ‘Top 10 Video Games Ever!’ you are more likely to get people to read it. It sounds much more exciting, whilst retaining all the information that is necessary.

Check out my ’10 Steps To Write Amazing Content’

Other Content that you could use for your Website

Whatever your website concentrates on, there is other content that you could include that would make your website better!

Write a blog!
A blog is a great way to keep your website updated and show your visitors that your site is active.  I would recommend that you place your blog on your home page, though this can depend on what your website is about.  By placing it here, as I said it shows to your visitors that your website is regularly updated, but also search engines like sites that are updated regularly, ranking them higher.
People often ask, “How often you should add to a blog?”  A lot would advise every day, however I believe that it is better to add 2-3 posts a week that are of high quality.  Often adding every day just results in posting short entries that are of some interest. I like to spend time writing a longer, good quality post that will be of more interest to my readers.  Not only that, but readers sometimes find it hard to keep up with a blog that posts everyday.
Include Videos!
People like watching videos because they are much more attractive than reading text.  Manywebsites have cottoned on to this and have started to make videos for their website.  This is a great way to promote your website to people as it offers them a more exciting way of finding out about you.  It doesn’t matter what your site subject matter is, you can be creative and think of a way to include a video.  You could include video tutorials, video competitions, video interviews, etc.
Include Pictures!
Pictures are a great way of brightening up your website.  Nobody likes boring, dull looking websites.  Even if your site is about a boring subject, quality images can brighten up the appearance, making it more appealing to visitors.  I would however advise that you stay away from flash images.  These tend to slow down web pages and can distract peoples attention.  If you feel you have to use them, just try to use them sparingly.
Include a Forum!
A forum is a great way for your visitors to interact with one another.  This can help build a community around your website that keeps people coming back.  I find that it is better to add a forum once you have a steady stream of visitors, otherwise when people visit your new website and see an empty forum, they just leave.


Your homework for today is to follow these steps and write your first quality article/blog post.  This way you have something to add to your website.

1. Spend some time planning out your first submission.  What are you going to write about, what sections will you include, include a good headline, etc.

2. Write out your article!

3. Read through, edit and correct any spelling/grammar mistakes until you are happy.

4. Add a couple of images to brighten it up.

5. Publish your new article/blog post for the world to see!

Congratulations, you now have a new website with an amazing piece of content that will help to attract visitors to your site.  Tomorrow we will be looking at ways that your site can generate you money!!!

I’ll email you tomorrow Lukas with Day 4 of the FREE Training

All the best

George Starakis

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