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Blogging Step 6 – Increase Traffic and Boost your Website • WordPress Money Online

Blogging Step 6 – Increase Traffic and Boost your Website

I hope you found yesterday’s training helpful and completed the day’s homework. If so you should have a great website that is starting to take shape.  You have a cool looking theme, a great initial article/blog post that people want to read and one or two adverts that can make you some money.  Now bad for a few hours work!  Today we will be looking at ways to increase traffic to your website!!!

How can I increase traffic and attract more people to my website?


Attracting traffic to your website is one of the most important parts of making money online.  The more people you can get to visit your site, the more money you can potentially make.

If you have the money that you can invest in advertising for your site, then that’s great.  You will be able to attract visitors in many different ways.  However, there are plenty of simple FREE methods that are great for start-up websites.  It is these that we will be looking at today.

It’s vitally important that you don’t give up at this early stage.  It can take time to build a steady amount of traffic for your website.  Unfortunately, the main reason why people fail online is because they don’t put the effort in and use the wrong methods to attract large numbers people to their site, resulting in them throwing in the towel almost straight away.  It won’t happen overnight (though it can!) but if you invest the time and effort working on the right method, it will reward you in the end.

Traffic building techniques

Social Media Marketing!
Social Media has taken off in a HUGE way!  Everyone seems to be on it these days.  That is great for us web developers because it allows us a way to interact and advertise our presence to huge amount of people.

1. Twitter –  Twitter allows people to communicate with each other across the world.  You may only have 140 characters, but that is plenty to get your voice heard by lots of people. You need to tweet regularly about things that are happening with your website, such as; new blog posts, competitions, events, tutorials, videos, interviews, etc.  Mix that in with general tweets from you that are related to your website niche, such as related news stories.  You shouldn’t struggle to find something to tweet about!

The next step is to start following people that are related to your website subject matter. Find some of the biggest names in your niche and follow them AND whoever they are following. This allows you to target potential visitors of your website.  They will see that you are of interest to them, so they will likely follow you back.  Friends of friends will start to notice you and your tweets, resulting in continual growth of people following you.

There are many software programs that are available that lets you automate your twitter account.  Programs like ‘MarketMeTweet’ and *’TwitterAdder’ make it easier to manage your account, follow, un-follow and automate tweets, saving you time that you can spend working on your website and thus, making more things to tweet about!  These can let you tweet when you’re asleep, letting you reach even more people on the other side of the globe!

2. Facebook –  There is an estimated 600 million users of Facebook worldwide, that’s almost 10% of the earth’s population!  Facebook can be used as a tool to try and attract some of these people to your website.  By creating a ‘Fan’ page for your website, you can advertise your presence to lots of online people, letting them ‘Like’ your page and tell their friends about this new cool website that they have just found.

Obviously, just like Twitter, you need to be posting updates to your page regularly.  Updates, news, upcoming events, workshop dates, etc. with links to your website.  This will all help to drive traffic to your website.

To increase your Facebook presence, networking is very important.  Like Twitter, find people who are interested in your niche and become their ‘Friends’ and/or ‘Like’ their ‘Fan’ page.  Some of these will begin to follow you back, which starts the process of building your profile.

Once you have built yourself a bit of a reputation within your niche, you can try to attract more people.  A good way to do this is to politely ask high profile people within your industry to become fans of your page.  This way, when they do, all of their followers will see that they are friends with you, which will attract more people to you.

3. Other Social Media Sites –  There are loads of additional popular social media sites that you can use to advertise your site.  Sites like Digg, LinkedIn, MySpace, Stumbleupon, etc., all have huge amounts of members.

Again, making regular updates to all these sites is vitally important.  Luckily, there are software programs that automate this process.  I personally use OnlyWire to post all my updates to these sites.  It only takes a few minutes to fill in what I want the update to say and the software does the boring bit of adding it to all of my social sites.  It saves me loads of time that I can use to create more content for my site.


Video Marketing!
On ‘Blogging Step 4’ of this training course we looked at using videos as an alternate way of producing content for your website.  These same videos can be used to also help promote your website and attract traffic.  Many people just make short videos advertising themselves, which is great.  But the best type of videos to make are ones that offer something to the viewer.

There are many video websites out there that you can post yours onto, it doesn’t just have to be YouTube.  Just remember that the aim is to get people to your site.  A good way to do this is to display links to your website at both the beginning and end of each video as well as underneath the video where you can write descriptions.  If you watch the video back and there is no reference to your website at all, then nobody will ever visit your site, making the whole video pointless!

Blog Marketing!
When you are just starting out, it can be difficult to build an online reputation.  A method that you can use to increase your presence is blog marketing.  This method involves posting comments on other peoples blogs.  Simply find blogs that are in some way related to your website subject matter and start commenting on them.  Post valuable content that people want to read and you will grow your reputation.

Many blogs use ‘Disqus’ that let their readers add comments.  The good thing about ‘Disqus’ is that you can add a link to your website under your profile name, this way whenever anybody clicks on your name, it will take them to your website.  Again, you will need to be adding quality comments  for people to do this, but this is a great way to increase your online presence.  Therefore the more blog comments you make, the more links to your website there will be.

Forum Marketing!
There are loads of online forums focusing on different subjects.  If you can find an online forum that specialises in your niche, then you can begin to build an online presence.

Like many blogs, a lot of forums don’t let you place links to your site, or if they do they are links that can’t be clicked on.  These are called No-follow Links.  A quick search on a search engine for ‘Do-follow Forums’ will reveal loads of forums that will be beneficial.  These types of forums let you comment as normal, but let you add links in your signature that people can follow directly to your website.


These are just some of the ways that you can begin to grow your online presence and start attracting more traffic to your website.  This is something that you have to continually work on, it won’t just happen over night.  Follow these initial steps and continue to produce quality content, over time, you will begin to see that your traffic starts to grow and grow.  So, for today’s homework, I want you to make a start on these methods.

1. Set up a Twitter account for your website.  Use a decent profile picture and a short description that explains what your website is about.

2. Set up a Facebook ‘Fan’ page for your website.  Use a decent profile picture and a short description that explains what your website is about.

3. Invite everyone that you know to ‘Follow’ you and become your ‘Friend’.

4. Find some targeted people that are involved with your niche and ‘Follow’/’Friend’ them.

5. Get Tweeting and post regular updates on your Facebook page.  You can start by adding a link and short description to your first article/blog post that you created on ‘Day 3’.

6. Put links on your website telling people that you are on Twitter & Facebook.

Congratulations, you are on your way to building your online presence and attract increasing amounts of traffic!  Tomorrow we will be looking at ways to get visitors to continually keep coming  back to your site.


All the best
George Starakis


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