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Perfect Focus Keywords & How To Choose Them

Choose The Perfect Focus Keyword.

Hi bloggers. We have said too many times that the era when you could rank well or be found easily in search results (SERPs), is now passed. All you have to do for good SEO or quality SEO is to write and add quality content in your website. Furthermore you have to write quality content on a regular basis, to show to Search Engines you are active. Also this way, you increase the volume of your content. So it is more easy for someone to find you in SERPs. SEO contains the right, proper and qualitative keyword strategy that every one of us should conduct. Optimize your content for the right keywords and that’s it. How to choose perfect focus keywords for your content?

First of all, you have to use the Google Search Console. This helps you discover what users or possible customers search for. Cool? Additionally you have to take in mind the following before you choose perfect keywords and start creating amazing and quality content. You may wonder now, that is kind of difficult to do when we have also to pay attention to long tail keywords. For more about long tail keywords (multiple words) read this and don’t worry at all.


What is the focus keyword?

At the very start, you should NOW install Yoast SEO plugin. I strongly recommend their premium edition as it provides much more functionality and features. If however you have started blogging now and you cannot afford the cost of purchasing, stay at their FREE edition. But if your goal is higher rankings or the first pages of SERPs, then go Premium. See differences HERE.

The focus keyword is the keyword that you want your page to rank for. It is your desired perfect focus keyword. So when people search for that keyword, they can find you.  Yoast SEO it has its own input field. There is where you put your desired focus keyword. Then Yoast provides you the suggestions on how to improve your content according to that specific chosen keyword. So try to correct what you see with red and orange dots.


The procedure of choosing the perfect focus keywords

It’s clear you cannot start anything without a keyword strategy before, let alone when you are blogging. So,now that you have in mind your desired keywords, Yoast wil help you. In addition to Google Search Console, use Yoast Suggest tool uses the same data to find the first 10 keywords and then expands on that. So if you are blogger, meaning you don’t run a blog just to add some value to your professional site, it makes sense that you use it. You can discover long tail keywords, so it’s easier to rank higher based on the problems that people have.

Now you have to find out the search volume of your (till now) perfect focus keyword. To do that accurately you have to run an Adword or AdWords Account. It’s a bit expensive way but its the most accurate when speak with numbers. But, do not worry, use Google Trends instead. This way you will have at least some idea, in a creative way, about search volume. Google Trends shows you the search volume between two search terms over time. How to use Google Trends? Read HERE.


Study well ranking posts that are similar to this one you plan to create.

Study the posts that already rank well for perfect focus keywords. Choose older posts of yours that already rank well and are similar to the post you’re planning to write. But, note, when planning to choose a long tail keyword, compare posts with long tail focus keywords too. This way you get some some idea about the potential of traffic this new focus keyword could have. Using Google Trends to compare between known good focus keywords and the one you are about to choose, will give you some insights about the prospects for your focus keyword.


Google your preferred focus keyword

The next step is to “Google” your preferred focus keyword! By doing so, you will get the results of what Google considers that solve the problems of the people who use the focus keyword you hit. So for your preferred focus keyword to be the perfect focus keyword you have to know some things. For instance, if in the first SERPs there are similar articles or of the same character. Also if your website fits among the results shown in these result pages?

By choosing these focus keywords means you decide to write and most important YOU HAVE TO OPTIMIZE  your post or page for this exact focus keywords. By that we mean that you are aiming to display your post or page among these. Having Googled and agreed to proceed after the strategic we just described, you are closer to your perfect focus keyword to choose.


Conclusion: finding the perfect focus keyword is not easy

Choosing a perfect focus keyword is not an easy job. However it is not a science at all. You should conduct research first. Here comes the quality, what Google wants and also we want to serve users. So, to find and finally choose the perfect focus keywords for your planned posts or pages, aim for a combination of words that are actually used by users. And google provides us with that info supposed that we try to find that kind of info. Nothing is given to us without a cost both in money and time. To be laconic, Aim for a focus keywords that are relatively high on volumes and aim for one that will fit your audience. Those will be the perfect focus keywords.


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  • Obviously finding the perfect focus keyword is not easy job.
    But we can make it by doing keyword research and finding keyword that best fits to compete with our competitors