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Create SiteGround Hosting Account

Hi , my friends. Today we will see in a really few steps how to create a premium hosting account in one of the most popular and in my opinion the FASTEST hosting provider.I’m speaking about SiteGround , a really good, fast, reliable company at the field of WEB hosting or more generally in Internet. You may ask yourselves why I seem to be so impressed by this company. And you may legitimately wonder why. So Let’s see why I chose to create Siteground hosting account and host my websites.

Furthermore, as we already know (if you haven’t read this post please take a look at it  to learn how to improve your classification in Google’s results) , pagespeed or loading time of a website/webpage is crucial to which position your website ranks. And my pagespeed or better the loading time fell into half …see here…  Also , if you prefer the median GrowBig plan you will have a FREE SSL CERTIFICATE along with WEBSITE TRANSFER again FREE. Needless to say that a company of such size has an instant response (really useful chat support) to all of your possible problems or questions. I’m really so impressed on how fast they resolved a few difficulties I encountered during my content transfer.

Let’s now create Siteground Hosting Account

1. Search in Google for the word SiteGround. So,In the results PRESS WEB HOSTING as shown .

Search for siteground in google - Create SiteGround Hosting Account


2. Hover your mouse or navigate to Web Hosting Tab.

Hover your mouse or navigate to web hosting tab - Create SiteGround Hosting Account


3. Choose Plan. Select GrowBig ( due to aforementioned reasons ) plan and press get started.

Select GrowBig plan and press get started - Create SiteGround Hosting Account


4. Register a new domain name if you haven’t one either Transfer later yours . Fill its name in the appropriate field.

As you can see , you will also have A FREE WEBSITE TRANSFER.

Register a new domain name or host yours - Create SiteGround Hosting Account



5. Then please Fill in your Account , Client’s  and Payment information. Note that if you have already an account in SiteGround you don’t need to register a new one. Just Sign in as shown by the green arrow , and you will be proceeded to the 2nd pic below , with all your info saved. That is to say you will not complete your info and desired plans again. Hence, You will create SiteGround Hosting Account from where you left. 🙂

Fill-in-your-information-and-payment-details - Create SiteGround Hosting Account


Select-desired-period-and-you-get-FREE-SSL - Create SiteGround Hosting Account

Pay-now - Create SiteGround Hosting Account


6. Almost finish. Wait until your order proceeding. 

You submitted  your Order successfully. Save your password in Google Smart Lock.

Hence! That’s it – Your account is now ready.


wait-until-your-order-is-being-proceeded - Create SiteGround Hosting Account

order-submitted-successfully-and-save-your-password-in-Google-Smart-Lock - Create SiteGround Hosting Account

That's it - Your account was successfully created - Create SiteGround Hosting Account

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