Domain Name or Website Name

The first thing you have to do is to buy a domain name. Do not make the mistake like most and get into this process IF YOU DON’T EXAMINE IT THOROUGHLY BEFORE.  Here in wordpressmoneyonline will show you the way, you will acts accordingly. This is one of the most important parts of your website. The difference between a good domain name and a bad domain name (domain name) soy can cost several thousand visitors a month, which means that you will lose quite possibly money.

The best domain names to describe about your website or on your Blog, for example is a Blog through which learning can build a website based on WordPress and make her your “pull” money from the Internet.

You might want to do a website to display your work? H or your work online, so a name domain «» would be a good choice.

Make sure you research the name that thou before you buy one. Write down all the keywords related to your potential website and then see if you can use any of these keywords in your domain name.

Try to keep it simple, that limited your domain into two or three words. Your domain should be easy to remember everyone, so if it was someone in the street and say he heard it, he could remember it later. For this reason, do not put dashes or punctuation in your domain because just complicates things.

Make sure you use the .com or .Net or .GR. These are the most common and the people best remember. Using a more unconventional or eg .biz .tv .eu .info may be cheaper or easier to find and available to let you use the name you want, but people may forget. For example, if your site is called and tell some, some will come in «» instead of your Blog. This is bad because you will lose traffic and traffic means money.

To register your domain, go to GoDaddy or Papaki.GR. In Papaki.GR will be able to hang domains ending .GR while GoDaddy not. In GoDaddy you can register a domain under the amount of 10 € per year, which easily beat back once your website is up and running.

You need not hang from GoDaddy or Papaki (although we recommended to do).

And check this list of alternative domain registrars (So companies are called from where you can buy a domain name for your site).