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Use of Google Plus (#Google+)

Hi my friends and good evening.. 🙂 Here is 4pm now. Today we will be taught some things about the famous Google+ or Google plus. You surely must already have known about it , but some of you may just don’t use it or even know about it. Ok , lets see with a quick definition what G+ is.

Google+ ( or Google Plus ) is a social network created or presentated by Google. Some of its tools and features come from existing services and platforms, such as the Picasa photo storing and sharing platform. Some of the features are similar to other popular social networks and micro-blogging platforms. Google+ was opened to a small number of users to test in June 2011. Google then gave some of those initial users invitations to invite a small number of their contacts. The service has since been opened up to everyone. It was given an overhaul in April, 2012. (Info taken from Digital Unite.com)

A Marketee friend recently advised me to use Google Plus.

“You can find Google+ at plus.google.com.” he told me and make use of google+ to boost and optimize your websites and your internet presentation. To join Google+ you need to create a Google account (such as for accessing Gmail) , and then from Google’s dahboard use of google+you can create a Google plus account (using the same gmail acc).G+ and proper use of

The main page someone sees when signs in consists of a ‘stream’ of updates,info, contnet, conversations and shared images– similar in many respects to the Facebook news feed or Twitter stream.

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Simply use the Google Plus regularly with the the best practices I share here in order to gain maximum benefits from it.


Plus One-ing -> ( +1 )

Like in other social networks , also on Google plus you can “like” some valuable content like on Facebook or follow some people like on Twitter .But this process, here , on G+ is named plus one.  I insist  you use it liberally!!! Do not  +1 every post or page or picture. Later in this post I’ll show you how to install an essential extension to +1 your favorites. 🙂

Why to +1 ?   Because that way you show to Google and to other search engines you are ACTIVE. Google crawlers (the genuine robots of Google)  understand your activeness and that way you gain better score in order to rank better . How to rank better ?  Using Google plus alongside your website or blog which will be connected.

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Circling (or Following)

By circling we mean to follow people or teams or communitis . Do not automatically circle back everyone. A lot of people follow me. And to be honest, I have no idea who most of those are. (I often wonder how they even find me!) Many of them probably are not very active G+ users. If you don’t have anything in common with these people, so I don’t circle them back. In general, don’t care who circles you. Sometime you will need to block some irrelevant to your content people. If they want to follow your public content, it is not a problem . BUT  do not, however, circle them in return unless you have a common interest and appear to have valuable or interesting content.

Do not circle people without avatars or any About information. I often look at their latest posts to see if they interest me. If I think there is potential, I circle, but knowing that the content begins to annoy me, I uncircle and move to a more relevant circle. Keep your own G+ stream limited to things you really enjoy.


Hashtags #

# Hashtags - and how to use them properly

Recently I learned you can use hashtags on G+,so I implemented them very deliberately, especially a few key hashtags in my niche (a job or position that is very suitable for someone, especially one that they like) I want to be associated with. Hashtags are searchable; click one to see. I want Google also Bing and Yahoo etc to knowing that I’m an authority in a couple of key areas, so I use those hashtags repeatedly. I also want others to be able to find me via those hashtags, so I use hem often. Now G+ is automatically adding relevant hashtags to your posts. But you can still add your own.Periodically, you can check what is posted with your favorite hashtags by clicking on it or using the search function. Thus you can typically find new people to follow and new content to enjoy.


Be liberal with +1-ing content on G+ that you like. But also try to leave comments (with hashtags where appropriate).Don’t comment only for SEO . Being genuine and also creating valuable content is always the key to success on any social media platform. If someone shares a post you like, you should comment on G+ than on the original article even if the person sharing it is the author. G+ is more friendly for one, and you can find new people to circle as they see and interact with your comments. Commenting on G+ makes you more visible and  you gain more followers. Google+ is enjoyable to discuss great content at all.

Make it Easy to Use

When you decide to invest in Google+, make it easy to use it.

1.Save a bookmark in your browser so that G+ becomes part of your daily social media routine.

2.Install the +1 extension ( Firefox /  Chrome) so that you can easily tell Google what kinds of content you like.

GET MORE EXTENSIONS FOR CHROME => https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions?hl=en-GB


Use it liberally. Remember, you can +1 an article or blog post without sharing it. I like to +1 excellent articles in the niches that I want Google to consider me as an expert . But I +1 any kind of valuable content.

3.Install G+ app on your smart phone, and use it. Check in on a regular base; scroll through and find a few things to +1. And be sure to comment. Just stalking is not enough. You need to interact so to be able andmake it easy for otherinteresting people to find you. When you +1 something, your small profil icon does show up, but when you comment, you get far more exposure in terms of screen space and with your well-chosen words and media files for creating valuable content you increase the possibilities that other people may want to follow you.

4.Check your notifications regularly throughout the day. When use Gmail ( also other Google apps), you are  constantly reminded of G+ with the red circle notifications’ icon in the top right corner of the browser. When I see the red number, I remember to check in, +1 comments people leave on my shares, and interact in communities.

Google Plus Hesitations

Many people find Google Plus mysterious. They want to have a presence there, but they don’t know the way to present themselves or even exactly why they should. In our later posts we will discuss in further details about G+ and its importance to the NET presence and ranking. So , after that post , what did you learn? +1 , comment , use hashtags# and Follow us on G+. Knowing your thoughts about Google Plus will help me write blog posts to help you more.