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What is a Post on WordPress? • WordPress Money Online

What is a Post on WordPress?

What is a Post?


A Post or the Posts are what make your blog a blog — they’re servings of content or entries listed in reverse chronological order on the blog home page or on the posts page if you have set one in Settings  Reading (wordpress menu). If you have created any sticky posts, those will appear before the other posts,that is to say the sticky posts are always located on top. Posts can be found in the Archives, Categories, Recent Posts, and other widgets. Posts are also displayed in the RSS feed of the blog. You can control how many posts are displayed at a time in the Reading Settings.


If you want your posts to appear on a page other than your home page, read this: Front Page article.

Sometimes, posts are confused with pages. See Posts vs. Pages for an explanation of the differences.

See Posts post in the official wordpress forum for more detailed information.