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Why Don’t We Guarantee Search Engine Rankings

Too often both potential and currently working for clients, they ask us if we can guarantee search engine rankings for them. Of course we do not, and you should definitely avoid working with such a company. Top SEO and digital marketing companies providing SER services and consultancy rarely ever provide guarantees. And so do we here in WPMO SEO agency. Alongside, we never use SEO guarantees as a marketing tactic or as an incentive to gain a new customer’s trust. We will briefly provide you with the top three reasons that keep us far away from any guarantee of search engine rankings.

Reason #1: Promising SEO & Guarantees are hated by Google’s Guidelines

Google, the major search engine, has as its primary goal to provide searchers with the answer that satisfies their queries. To achieve that result, has developed very smart artificial intelligence and algorithms to work on that specific goal. You probably have heard about, penguin or panda algorithms. As we all understand no one knows the exact variables of their algorithms. Otherwise, anyone should be able to dominate the search engine results and manipulate rankings.

That is why Google too often shouts : “Quality content and user experience must be any SEO’s very first priority”. So, our very first priority is to provide good quality content and as good as possible user experience for the searchers who land to our clients’ websites. Having the aforementioned info in mind you should be able to understand why cannot we guarantee search engine rankings.

Google warns about staying away from who guarantee search engine rankings or results.

Finally Google also declares it in their choosing an SEO agency article to avoid to hire anyone who guarantees first results or who promises first or even second and third position in the SERPs.

Reason #2: Rankings are Unstable by nature

Every day Search Engines, and so Google, index millions of websites. Their webmasters or SEOs they do register their websites with Google or submit them in various search engines. Although this procedure the last half decade has been abandoned as an SEO task, avoid companies who offer it or present it as one of their SEO tasks that will follow when you hire them. Google indexes and ranks websites that are naturally discovered through links on reputable websites and references. So, clearly do not trust such SEOs.

Local SEO and different datacenters

You may have seen many times performing the same query, that you face not totally but indeed different search results. Or performing very similar queries but from different places you end up with different results as well. The same goes for searches performed from different Google accounts who get personalized results. During the course of querying, many searchers have even had the odd experience of hitting refresh on a query and finding the results change or re-order.

Given the unstable nature of search engine rankings and the fact that staying in a particular search result position in the same device at a single point of time, it says too much about the future of SERPs. Or even about the present. We do not wonder why reputable SEO firms, as we are too, stay away from such guarantees.

Reason #3: SE Rankings are a Poor Metric for Performance

Too often we have seen businesses standing on top of SERPs struggling to survive to their competitors. Why? Because traffic, conversions and finally targeted clients from the search engines will give a company the boost to sales, often translated to income. Whatever is it. Rankings do not equal traffic. A great SEO campaign should be measured by the increase in search engine traffic. Moreover furthermore if the contract does include site optimization for conversions or CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) to wit desired actions on your site. The metric an SEO should target to, is always the traffic. Increasing search traffic means the SEO is doing his job well.

Making Guarantees About Something You Cannot Control Is Unthical

Like Politicians who almost always fall into the trap of making promises they cannot possibly deliver on. If Lufthansa promises that you arrive your destination by tomorrow, that’s a guarantee they can make because they control their fleet. This same principle applies to SEO.

What search engine optimization companies can and should guarantee is that they will do their best to help your website earn more traffic. Reputable SEOs can even guarantee, after technically reviewing your site, that they can grow your search traffic by at least 10%, 20% or more according to variables like competition’s standings, SEO health and the size of your website and of course your budget etc. But, SEO companies cannot control the search results the way an airline can control their flights.

However, that’s not the same as a guarantee. A guarantee is a promise – a basic contract that necessarily creates an assumption of certainty by the deliverer to the recipient.

Thanks to the list above, I shy away from even using the word “guarantee” in relation to our consulting business. In reality, we do guarantee that our clients will be happy with our results (and so far, at least, we’ve made good on that promise), we do guarantee that if they implement our recommendations, search traffic will rise (but that’s often a big “if”), and we do guarantee that our work won’t put them at risk of penalties from the search engines. I think that these types of promises are perfectly acceptable to make – just stay away from guaranteed “search engine rankings.” It’s just asking for trouble.