Get Backlinks for Your Website (First 10 ways)

If someone ever asked you : Do you want to increase your search ranking? You must have answered : SURE I DO,“Yes. Yes. Yes.”. Pretty much everyone needs to. Well, this is where inbound links (the famous “backlinks“) come in handy.Then I ask them how they think we should handle the link-building process. All I get are blank …

Best and Fastest WordPress Caching Plugin

WP Caching Plugin

Excessive load times harm your website in many ways. There are ways to improve your site’s speed but caching is the most important and has the greatest impact. We will tell you which is the best and fastest caching plugin. Having this in mind, in this article we’re going to show you and propose to you the best

Never Use WordPress to Send Newsletter – Learn Why

WordPress comes with built-in mail feature which uses PHP’s mail function to send out emails. There are several WordPress newsletter plugins which allow you to run a fully functional newsletter using this feature. Recently one of our users asked us: “if it is possible to send out email newsletters using WordPress plugins, then why do …