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Wrong Permissions lead to 500 Internal Error

Hi readers,bloggers and friends.Today’s post topic is the Wrong Permissions to the WP folder.

Today we will show you How to fix folders’ and files’ permissions to avoid 500 Internal Server Error. (#wrongpermissions #wppermissions #500InternalServerError) (What’s this?). Wrong Permissions lead to 500 Internal Server Error, and this is an obstacle either on reaching the website or installing it.

A customer of us experienced the following 500 Internal Server Error maybe in his try to change or convert his existing static html website to wordpress one. After the installation of the sql database from cpanel he probably set wrong permissions of the folder where he has planned to install wordpress and so he experienced the following 500 error. In addition when he first tried to proceed in the installation he found out he could not. Therefore this problem needed a fix.
Wrong Permissions #WrongPermissions #500InternalServerError


According to official wordpress forum , we can see that :

  • All directories should be 755 or 750.
  • All files should be 644 or 640. Exception: wp-config.php should be 440 or 400 to prevent other users on the server from reading it.
  • MORE INFO here(Changing file permissions).Wrong Permissions


How to identify server errors or what really happens?

1.  Access CPanel.

2. Find the “ERROR” icon. This is the feature we need to identify our problems and errors. Error icon is located inside the “METRICS” block of CPanel.

Wrong Permissions Access-Cpanel-and-error-log-in-metrics-Blog


3. We see the internal server error #500.

Wrong Permissions 500-internal-server-error

We see also many other errors here. But they refer to favicons(we haven’t set one yet) or other testing errors needing to be fixed. Let’s now proceed to Fixing this Wrong Permissions error.



FIX Wrong Permissions error – How to fix?

1.  First of all we need to find and access the cpanel and especially the folder where we have the problem or the error. In our case this is the WP folder so we have to pree it.

Change wrong permissions

Hence we will press the “permissions” key button as seen in the above picture so to be able to change them.


2. When we press this button , then we can easily see the pop up “changing permissions window” and from here we will fix our problem. As we already know in the permissions, ONLY “USER” MUST HAVE WRITE PERMISSIONS. NOT GROUP NOR WORLD. 



3. By clicking OUT  the ticks of Group’s and World’s from the WRITE  permissions…they are changed to 755 which is the right and correct and therefore safe permissions.

ATTACHMENT DETAILS 755 right-folder-permissions


As a result now we will not experience this problem and error again. Hence we have to often visit this especially relevant feature “error logs” to find out and fix many important things. Rather than not knowing how many errors does our server is opposed to , a visit here can help us a lot. Consequently fixing many of our errors can be a saving life procedure sparing a lot of time from our try. Most noteworthy is the fact that sparing time we spare money. Never forget that. Many thanks to #VasilisSkaidas due to his support to solve many errors while we try to fix others.

TIPofDAY : Try to create on more directory inside your public folder giving to it WRITE PERMISSIONS to ALL and you will face again that 500 error. Consequently be careful where you give what.

We will be happy to see you again in our next post so don’t miss a post. 🙂


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